Research proposal question as of now: Does using multimedia in school counseling guidance lessons produce changes in the effectiveness of the lessons for elementary school-aged students?

While reviewing the quantitative rubric for the research proposal, I have identified some areas that are challenging for me right now.  My first challenge pertains to my literature review, and making sure everything that I want to address in my literature review is covered.  In order to address this area and make sure that I have included everything I wanted to put in my literature review, I have divided my literature review into two sections.  I have one section dedicated to multimedia school guidance lessons and the impact multimedia can have on elementary school-aged students.  I also have a section for print-based guidance lessons and the impact bibliotherapy can have on elementary school-aged students.  However, I still have the question of whether or not I am supposed to focus on a specific topic of the guidance lessons.  For example, should I focus on social skills guidance lessons to see if using multimedia (a video) or print-based (a book) is more effective for elementary school-aged students?  Or, is it okay to just have my literature review focusing on multimedia and bibliotherapy?

Another challenging area for me right now is the participants of my study.   Even though I have been examining past research to see the types of participants other studies have had and deciding after speaking with you a few weeks ago that second grade participants would be an appropriate age group, I am still uncertain how many participants I should have and whether or not they should be divided into two groups.   For instance, I was thinking of comparing a lesson done by using a book and also a lesson using multimedia (a video).  Should I use the same group of participants with two separate lessons on the same topic (i.e., using a book on friendship skills and then using a video on friendship skills)?

A third challenging area for me right now is whether or not I need to define effectiveness into something more specific.  In order to address this challenging area, I have identified that multimedia guidance lesson and print-based (book) guidance lesson are my independent variables and that my dependent variable is the effectiveness of the lesson.  However, should I define effectiveness into something more?

Another challenging area for me is the research design.  In order to address this area, I have been thinking that the research design would be either experimental or causal-comparative.  However, depending upon whether or not I have one group of participants in which the participants would be exposed to a multimedia (video) lesson and a book lesson or if I split the group of participants into two separate groups (i.e., one group of participants would have a video lesson and the other group of participants would have a book lesson the same topic) determines my research design.  I have been reading over the book again and still examining which design would be the most appropriate for my research proposal.

One last challenge for is data collection.   I was thinking of designing a pre-test/post-test to assess the effectiveness of the lesson by seeing if they could answer questions related to the book or video correctly.  Should I be using a more formal instrument?  I am unsure what kind of instrument I should use to collect my data.  In order to address this issue, I have been reviewing past research and looking back into my research book to try to find ideas on how to test my research topic, but I am still unsure which to use.